Freeholder Selection Process

Dear Committee Members,


Our Party made history on November 6th 2018 by taking control of the Burlington County Freeholder Board for the first time since 1974.  We congratulate County Clerk-Elect Joanne Schwartz and Freeholder-Elect Felicia Hopson on the historic victory and we thank all of you for your hard work and support that made our victory possible.


Although George Youngkin was also elected to the Burlington County Freeholder Board, he has decided to resign his position effective January 2nd.  According to Title 40 of the New Jersey statutes, the vacancy must be filled within 35 days. In the interest of developing a completely inclusive and transparent process for this selection, we will adhere to a new procedure to guide our party.


Anyone interested in filling the vacancy must submit a letter of intent and resume by November 30th at 4 PM to Once all resumes are received, each applicant will be asked to complete a comprehensive candidate questionnaire, and sign a background check release form giving the Party permission to do a full background check.


All background checks should be completed within two weeks.  Once the background check is completed the information collected will be shared with the applicant.  At that point, the applicant will be asked to sign a release form allowing a summary of the information to be released to the entire committee. All qualified applicants who then wish to continue in the selection process will be asked to participate in a candidate’s forum.


The County Committee members both elected and appointed as of November 16, 2018 will hold a vote to fill the Freeholder vacancy.  If there are three or less candidates, the candidate receiving the most votes will win the seat.  If there are four or more candidates and no one receives at least 50% of the vote, there will then be a run-off election between the two top candidates who received the most votes.


It is the hope of our party leadership that we will have a robust group of qualified candidates for the committee’s consideration. We look forward to your full participation as a committee member to ensure that we have a candidate who is reflective of our party’s vision and goals.





Joe Andl


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