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Board of Commissioners Reorganizes With New Name

Last year, Burlington County and Board Director Felicia Hopson lead the charge to change the name of county governing bodies in New Jersey. Boards of Chosen "Freeholders" will be no more and instead are now County Commissioners throughout the state, due to the former's link to slavery in the United States. Burlington County did not wait for the enacting of that law on January 1 to officially change the name, and became the first "Commissioners" in New Jersey last summer.

2021 signaled the first reorganization for all New Jersey counties with the new title. Felicia Hopson was re-elected as Director of the Burlington County Board of Commissioners. Dan O'Connell was elected Deputy Director.

Tom Pullion and Balvir Singh were re-elected by Burlington County voters in November and were sworn in for their 2nd terms after beginning the wave of Democratic victories in 2017, leading to the first Democratic control of Burlington County in 40 years.

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