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Burlington County Reorganizes With Full Democratic Control, Says Farewell to Commissioner Hynes

After five years of election victories in Burlington County, the Democrats now hold all eight elected offices in the county government, with former Mayor of Burlington Township, Brian Carlin taking office as Burlington County Surrogate during the annual reorganization, which was conducted virtually. Daniel J. O'Connell was elected Director of the Board of Commissioners for 2022, with Tom Pullion serving as Deputy Director.

Since 2017, Democrats have won control of all five Commissioners seats, as well as the Burlington County Clerk, Sheriff and now Surrogate. Director O'Connell and Commissioner Felicia Hopson were also sworn in to their 3-year terms on the Board after their reelection in November.

Linda Hynes has resigned her seat on the Board of Commissioners, effective immediately to serve on the Burlington County Superior Court, after her appointment by Governor Murphy and confirmation by the New Jersey Senate. The Burlington County Democratic Committee wishes Judge Hynes and her family the best in her judicial career!

The seat vacated by Hynes will be filled by the Burlington County Democratic Committee, to serve the remainder of the term, which expires at the end of the year.

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